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Our Team

Our Team


John Katz                                                                           Director


Nathan Carpenter, LMFT                            Clinical Director



Dough Barile, LMFT


 Nathan Carpenter, LMFT   


Licensed since 2007, Nathan Carpenter provides therapeutic services to individuals, couples and families as the Clinical Director at Ridgefield Youth Service Bureau.  As a past Clinical Director of two additional Youth & Family Service Bureaus in Connecticut, Nathan serves clients while also often working in partnership with school systems, local clergy and the police department.  Nathan and his family relocated to Ridgefield, CT in mid-2020 and is enjoying all that Ridgefield has to offer.

 Doug Barile, LMFT   


Licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in Ridgefield, CT with more than 15 years working with youth and their families. Doug leads the Parent Circle Program,  parent education classes aimed at building resilience in children and teens and decreasing the risk of suicide, substance abuse, and other risky behaviors, for the Ridgefield Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse. Doug is a member of Ridgefield Juvenile Review Board.

Services with licensed clinicians are available by appointment. 


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