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Services Provided


Mental Health Services

Ridgefield Youth Service Bureau provides professional therapeutic services for youth and their families. 

We work individually or with the complete family to promote the well-being of the community. 


We are happy to provide counseling in our Ridgefield office and offer virtual sessions online. 

Juvenile Review Board

Ridgefield Youth Service Bureau coordinates the Juvenile Review Board (JRB), which offers teens that made bad decisions a positive alternative to the Juvenile Justice System. 


  • If the teen successfully completes the program, the criminal charges are dropped. Youth will not have a record.

  • Provides local intervention which helps teens in the most direct and meaningful manner. 

  • Encourages young people to face responsibilities.

  •  Assesses and makes recommendations that are in the best interest of each youth. 


Services with licensed clinicians are available by appointment. 


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